climbing ladder in maliau

First and foremost, I’m a life/biology  enthusiast. I like learning about how life has managed to develop deep down in the recesses of the Earth, or right under our noses without us having the slightest idea. I’m a big fan of my own life too, in that I try to find the excitement in the simple activities and experiences we too often take for granted. For instance, I’m truly relishing the bite I just took out of a Honeycrisp apple. I like to be actively mindful of how lucky I am to even be breathing and conscious right now, and try to remind myself from time to time that I’ve seemingly won the life lottery. From there, my awe of human mind and culture are self evident. And my love of new experiences goes along with all of this. To connect myself with  different people and experiences is to widen my ability to empathize, to imagine, another way of living and being.

I’m currently in the midst of my medical training, having completed my third year of medical school at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NY. Taking this year to do preventative medicine research and explore outside interests including mindfulness based training, cooking, photography, and web development. I find myself constantly in awe of the human condition, and the resilience many people are able to find within themselves during times of incredible duress or suffering. I am interested in continuing to learn about healing in its many different forms. I am certain there are many more therapeutic agents outside of what the medical establishment currently offers and accepts as standard of care. Whether a nourishing meal, a walk in a scenic landscape, a sitting meditation, or an FDA approved drug, I hope to learn enough to help those in need of healing find the most efficacious choice to restore wellness.

Though I am still a little way’s away from getting that “MD” at the end of my name and being a physician, my experiences training to be a doctor have already left me with many important insights about what is and is not human wellness. It’s also left me with many questions about how to truly heal a person, or to maintain health, and I am hoping to explore possible answers to these questions in Doctor’s Orders.But mainly it’s about the  food.



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